Comic Book Creator Behind ‘Blue Beetle’, ‘Rocket Raccoon’ & More Has Passed Away

Keith Giffen, the longtime comics writer and artist who co-created popular characters like DC’s Lobo, Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon, and the Jamie Reyes version of the Blue Beetle, has sadly passed away at the age of 70. Tributes from fans, friends and collaborators have been trending on social media for the legendary creator.

What is the cause of Keith Giffen’s death?

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Keith Giffen’s family announced his death on Wednesday through a pre-written Facebook statement that was penned by the artist himself before his passing. The statement was filled with Giffen’s signature sarcasm, with the comic writing, “I told them I was sick……Anything not to go to New York Comic Con, Thanx,” before adding, “Bwah ha ha ha ha.” Giffen’s work was known for its sarcastic and subversive humor, and the cause of his death has been chalked down to a stroke.

“Keith Giffen was a vital part of my favorite run of comics ever. His work was influential on how I write, what I write, and what I find funny. His art was so distinct and full of life. A huge loss for comics, and to the super hero genre in general. May he Rest in Peace.”

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Keith Giffen: Comic Legend


Giffen is recognized primarily for writing and drawing the galaxy-spanning adventure series Legion of Super-Heroes in the 1980s and 1990s, which became one of DC’s best-sellers at one point. He was also the artist on the early 1980s title Omega Men, in which he and writer Roger Slifer introduced the character Lobo. Giffen’s subversive and sardonic brand of humor was introduced to fans with the release of Justice League International in 1987. The comic was an instant success, receiving award nominations and inspiring a spin-off book. He began his career at Marvel in the 1970s, where he and writer Bill Mantlo debuted Rocket Raccoon in an issue of Marvel Preview, a black and white magazine.

Source: Keith Giffen / Facebook