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Kerry Katona Gains Notoriety As A ‘Parenting Expert’ As She Expects Her Children To Handle Social Media Trolling On Their Own

Kerry Katona As A 'Parenting Expert'

With a life marked by triumphs, tribulations, and an unwavering spirit, the 42 year old star Kerry Katona solidified her status as a successful former Atomic Kitten singer.

After her segment on the UK TV show ‘Good Morning Britain’, her statement sparked widespread discussions and made her the topic of parenting conversations on social media platforms. She expressed how crucial it was to provide proper guidance to your children and teach them about accountability and consequences.

“I do think a lot of it is all about your own guidance and how you teach your children about consequences and responsibility, so for me, being who I am, I’ve made my children have a public account. I’ve let them know what the real world is all about so if they get trolled they have to deal with it because I want my children to understand that social media is not going anywhere. If anything, it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger”

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona’s Family

The celebrity had two children, Molly, 21, and Lilly-Sue, 20, while she was first married to Westlife Singer Brian McFadden from 2002 to 2006. Subsequently, she entered into a second marriage with Mark Croft and had Heidi, 16, and Max, 15.She also had a nine year old daughter, Dj, with her late husband George Kay.

She wants all five of them to stay tough when it comes to online bullying, frequently conveying her desire for her children to grasp the realities of the world we live in.

Kerry Katona’s decision is a notable approach to develop resilience in her kids in today’s digital age. We hope that her parenting choice prove fruitful and her children grow stronger through their experiences.

Despite receiving backlash on her decision, she believes her children will acknowledge the need for young individuals to navigate the complexities of the online world with confidence.