Kim Kardashion And Kanye West Re-Imagined As A Disney Couple

Who doesn’t want to be a Disney Princess? 

Every little girl wants to be a Disney Princess. However, it is only a dream that can never be achieved so we move on. However turns out, it can be achieved at least on paper.

I mean why not draw yourself as a Princess assuming you have the necessary art skills? Well, one artists rather than drawing themselves as royalty gave Kim and Kanye that treatment.

And if I say so myself, they did a pretty good job. And yes, Kim keeps her infamous butt in all of the illustrations.

More info: Holly Shortall

#1 Peter Pan. 

Peter Pan
Via Holly Shortall

#2 The Little Mermaid. 

The Little Mermaid
Via Holly Shortall

#3 Sleeping Beauty. 

Sleeping Beauty.
Via Holly Shortall

#4 beauty and the Beast. 

beauty and the Beast
Via Holly Shortall

#5 The Lion King. 

The Lion King
Via Holly Shortall

#6 Frozen. 

Via Holly Shortall

#7 Pocahontas.

Via Holly Shortall

#8 Princess and the Frog.

Princess and the Frog
Via Holly Shortall

#9 Cinderella. 

Via Holly Shortall

#10 Aladdin. 

Via Holly Shortall

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