Lionesses: King Charles Backs England Women’s Soccer Team in World Cup Following William’s Apology

King Charles has lent his support to the England Lionesses’ who hope for victory in their crucial football match in Australia today, which could see them clinch their first Women’s World Cup title. This comes after Prince William recently faced criticism for a decision about not attending the match and subsequently apologized. Many well-wishers have extended their good luck messages to the England team as they prepare for the high-stakes match and hope to seal an historic victory.

Sources: Sky Sports

What did King Charles say to the Lionesses to inspire them?

Through the official Twitter (X) account of The Royal Family, King Charles sent a message to the England Lionesses, wishing them luck as they prepare to face Australia in a history-making World Cup match today. Writing, “Good luck today and may you roar to victory,” the King signed off the tweet using his royal cypher, “Charles R,” and included an image of a lioness below. The message was posted on the social media platform out at 10pm UK time last night, timed to arrive in the morning for the Lionesses who have travelled to the other side of the world for the high-stakes match in Australia.

Source: The Royal Family / Twitter (X)

Why did Prince William receive backlash over the match and what did he say in response?

Charles’s message of support for the England women’s football team comes after his son Prince William was criticized for not traveling to Australia to watch the game in person. William is the president of the Football Association, and some people felt that he would have made the effort to attend the game if it had been the men’s team playing, thus facing intense backlash. However, sources in the Royal Family say that William’s concern for his carbon footprint was a major factor in his decision not to fly to Australia – since he’s also travelling to the U.S next week for his environmental campaign, Earthshot. Yesterday, William posted a video statement of apology and good luck to the athletes, featuring  his daughter Charlotte holding a football next to him. After listening to her father’s message, the princess added: “Good luck, Lionesses!”

“Lionesses, I want to send you a huge good luck for tomorrow. We’re sorry we can’t be there in person but we’re so proud of everything you have achieved and the millions you’ve inspired here and around the world. So go out there tomorrow and really enjoy yourselves.”

Prince William