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Korean Original ‘Moving’ Rockets to the Top on Disney+ and Hulu

“Moving” Becomes Most-Watched Korean Original!

In a stunning achievement, the Korean original series “Moving” has swiftly risen to the pinnacle of popularity on Disney+ and Hulu. Based on Kang Full’s popular webtoon, the series has captured viewers’ hearts worldwide, earning this title within just its first seven days since release.

“Moving” Takes Disney+ and Hulu by Storm

Disney+ and Hulu have a new blockbuster on their hands with “Moving,” an adaptation of Kang Full’s webtoon. Within its first week, the 20-episode series has garnered record-breaking viewership, making it the most-watched Korean original on Disney+ globally and Hulu in the U.S.

Source: Disney+

It has also claimed the title of the most-watched series on Disney+ across the Asia Pacific region and marked the biggest premiere on Disney+ in Korea to date! The show continues to release new episodes weekly, building anticipation for its upcoming three-part series finale on September 20.

New Superhero Series Features Teens with Extraordinary Powers

Source: Disney+

Studio&New’s latest production stars Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo, and Zo Insung in a thrilling narrative. The story revolves around three teenagers who have inherited unique physical abilities from their secret agent parents. Despite appearing as typical high school students, each possesses powers that defy common physical limitations. However, external threats loom, forcing their parents to keep their talents concealed for safety.

As part of Disney+’s expanding Korean content library, “Moving” joins other compelling series like Big Bet, The Zone: Survival Mission, and the romantic music-themed Soundtrack #1.