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Lala Kent of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Tells Haters To Not Comment On Her Latest Lip Filler: ‘I Dont Care’

Lala Kent of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Got A Lip Filler

Lala Kent, the star of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, admitted to podcast host Heather Mcdonald that she has overdone her face in the past and it took her a while before she perfected the craft. Kent mentioned that she would get Botox in her forehead, filler in her cheeks, jaw and chin, along with a ‘little’ lip injection. She’s been bestfriends with these beauty procedures for as long as we can tell, but she stopped any work done on herself for 3 years due to Lala expecting a child with her ex-boyfriend Randall Emmet.

Kent’s comments on her newest procedure?

Lala has defended her ‘bruised’ pout on social media, saying she knows she looked better in Season 4 but she doesn’t want to hear it from other people. She voiced her distaste of people who said things like ‘stop getting your face retouched’, rightly pointing out that it’s not anybody else’s business what she does to her face. She wasn’t happy about peoples hateful criticism on her newest procedure. While filming an Instagram video with her new pout on display, the reality TV star told her followers not to comment on her ‘touch up’.

“And if you have a problem, don’t touch your own face. Don’t worry who touches mine because what my face is poked with does not affect you whatsoever. I don’t care what your face looks like, don’t care about what mine looks like.”

Lala about her new lip filler

Lala claims she’s very transparent about her procedures:

Kent has remarked many times saying that she’s not like those people who get their whole face done then say that they’re all natural and ‘have had nothing done! My face just changed like this.’ She told Bravo TV’s The Lookbook in 2017 that, “I’m pretty open about things like that.” She also stated that when she stopped procedures to welcome her daughter into the world, she used to be surprised when she’d look in the mirror and watch her face move.