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The Creators Of Last Of Us Promise More Infected For Season 2 Which Could Mean Trouble For Joel


The Last of Us is one TV adaptation of a game that has delighted viewers all over the world. According to us who played and enjoyed the game, the show was not only a faithful representation, sometimes shot for shot, but it also added more story beats and expanded on them where the original game lacked. And, while the show faithfully followed Part 1 of the game for its first season, the show’s creators have stated that Part 2 of The Last Of Us will not be shown in its entirety in one season. While we don’t know whether the sequel game’s story will take two or three seasons, we do know fans are expecting something terrible.

Part 2 of the game, as anyone who has played it knows, focuses heavily on Abby’s side of the story. The woman who is the surgeon’s daughter and whom Joel killed to save Ellie at the end of Part 1. Many people were upset because Abby’s character sparked a lot of controversy after players were forced to play her and didn’t like how her story was presented. Not only that, but she also murdered Joel, making many people despise her character even more.


The Second Season of The Last Of Us might concentrate on Abby’s side of the story.

We did, at times, have choices to make about how we wanted to present the infected. I will say that even though we were greenlit for a season of television, Neil and I felt like we can’t just make a season of television without considering what would come after. There is more The Last of Us to come, and I think the balance is not always just about within an episode, or even episode to episode, but season to season.

It’s quite possible that there will be a lot more infected later, and perhaps different kinds. But within the episodes that we were concentrating on, I think ultimately we generally stressed the power of relationships and trying to find significance within moments of action, so there may be less action than some people wanted, because we couldn’t necessarily find significance for quite a bit of it, or a concern that it would be repetitive. After all, you’re not playing it, you’re watching it, and although a lot of people do like to watch gameplay, it needs to be a little bit more focused and purposeful when we’re putting them on TV.


The promise of more infected may imply that season 2 will focus on Abby’s story before delving into Ellie’s. After all, Abby joined The Washington Liberation Front, which meant she had to deal with a variety of infected, and the game depicted this to be quite brutal. So we might have to wait until season 3 before Ellie gets her inevitable revenge.