Beloved Actress Linda Haynes, Best Known For ‘Brubaker’ & ‘Rolling Thunder’, Dead At 75

It was recently revealed that the acclaimed actress Linda Haynes, most famously known for her performances in Rolling Thunder and Brubaker, passed away on July 17th at the age of 75. Haynes’ son, Greg Sylvander, shared the news, stating that she passed “peacefully, with her family by her side” in Summerville, South Carolina. No cause of death was specified. Haynes also had a part in some other notable theatrical works, including Latitude Zero, Coffy, and The Drowning Pool.

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What has Greg Sylvander said about Linda Haynes’ death?

On Friday, Linda Haynes’ only offspring penned a heartfelt message on Facebook grieving her death. Greg writes, “As an only child, I have dreaded these times my entire life. I find peace in the knowing that my mother was at peace and had the most beautiful life these final years together with her grandchildren, [my wife] Courtney Sylvander and I. We are going to miss my mom immensely.”

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What are some notable projects Linda Haynes has appeared in?

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Linda Haynes’ acting career spanned a number of decades and included diverse projects, including various psychological thrillers and crime dramas. Making her debut in Latitude Zero, she also appeared in The Drowning Pool, and Human Experiments. Quentin Tarantino was a huge fan of the actress and frequently praised her performance in Rolling Thunder. Her TV appearances included This is the Life, My Three Sons and Room 222. She retired from acting in the 1980s to take up a role as a legal secretary, and later moved to South Carolina to live with her family.