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Lori Loughlin Stars in ‘Blessings of Christmas’ – Premiering as Part of Great American Christmas!

Lori Loughlin Stars In 'Blessings of Christmas'

Great American Family is back with a delightful holiday treat for audiences to enjoy. This time, they have revealed exciting details about their upcoming Christmas movie, featuring the beloved actress Lori Loughlin. Known for her role in the popular series “Full House,” Loughlin will take the lead in “Blessings of Christmas” (working title).

The movie is set to premiere as part of the much-awaited Great American Christmas event, starting from October 20. Viewers can look forward to a festive experience as new holiday movies are scheduled to premiere every Saturday and Sunday, continuing throughout the year’s end.

Lori Loughlin Shines in Heartwarming Christmas Movie ‘Blessings of Christmas’

Source: Rich Fury/Invision/AP, File

Lori Loughlin takes the lead in the heartwarming Christmas movie, “Blessings of Christmas.” In this film, Loughlin portrays Mandy Gilmore, a renowned TV star bidding farewell to her successful culinary series. As Mandy embarks on a worldwide journey to dine in Michelin star restaurants, her plans take an unexpected turn when she inherits her late aunt’s food pantry, Angel’s Fare, in Milwaukee.

The simple transaction becomes a heartfelt endeavor as pantry volunteer Otto Nessen ignites the spirit of giving, inspiring a meaningful holiday feast for those in need. This marks Loughlin’s latest collaboration with Great American Family, following her previous roles in “Fall Into Winter” and “When Hope Calls Christmas.”

Source: Great American Family

Behind the Scenes of ‘Blessings of Christmas’: A Stellar Production Team

The executive production team behind “Blessings of Christmas” includes Brad Krevoy, Amy Krell, Vince Balzano, Alfonso Moreno, Lori Loughlin, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, Jameson Parker, David Winning, Doran S. Chandler, and Trevor McWhinney.

Source: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Brian Dick serves as the producer, while Bradley Goodman takes on the role of supervising producer. Directed by David Winning, the heartwarming film is based on the original screenplay “Blessings of Christmas” by Alfonso H. Moreno, with revisions by Andrea Stevens.

With an impressive production team and screenplay, this film is set to capture the spirit of the season and touch the hearts of viewers.