This Hilarious Luke Skywalker Parody Account on Twitter Is Full of Sass!

Luke Skywalker

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Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally upon us, people are getting to know more about what Luke Skywalker was up to all these years.

Turns out, he was holed up on a deserted island.

All by himself.

That’s gotta hurt, right?

As it turns out, it does! A Twitter parody account by the name of “Very Lonely Luke” details just how much lonely and difficult it was for Luke to survive on Ahch-To all by himself for 20 years.

Suffice to say, it wasn’t a cakewalk if these Tweets are any indication.

Check them out for yourself.

Quite a Princess, Aren’t You?

Quite a Princess

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That’s Just Plain Depressing!

That's Just Plain Depressing

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Tell That to Them, Mopey Head!

Mopey Head

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You Have Porgs!

You Have Porgs

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You Have Our Support!

You Have Our Support
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Quite a Splashing Discovery!

Quite a Splashing Discovery

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That’s Not Very Healthy!

Very Healthy

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Maybe Not Drink That Milk? Eh?

Maybe Not Drink That Milk

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May the Stone be With You!

May the Stone be With You

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That’s Mean!

That's Mean

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Plus, He Would’ve Had Both His Arms. Just Saying!

He Would've Had Both His Arms

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Darth Vader Approves!

Darth Vader Approves

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Listen to Him, Rey. Like Seriously!

Listen to Him

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So, what are your views on this hilarious parody account?

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