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This Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Amazing Pop Icons That Look Insanely Real

Makeup is a beautiful art form.

Not everyone recognizes it, which is a shame. Since many people like Laura have been showing their creative side through makeup. the amazing London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson also belongs in this category.

However, she takes it to a whole new level never seen before. You see, she uses her lips to create insanely real art and it is truly a thing to see. So, I won’t waste your time any longer with my babbling.

Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 That side-eye though.

#2 At least he looks happy.

#3 Did she find Nemo?

#4 Angry birds don’t smile.

#5 That must smell a lot.

#6 He is definitely planning something.

#7 Damn, he looks knackered.

#8 I am truly amazed.

#9 An exact copy alright.

#10 I have no idea who this is.

#11 An upside-down monkey.

#12 She is ready to fight.

#13 Stay puft.

#14 He needs a little bit more details in his burn.

#15 Flowers make it better.

#16 Who is this green monster?

#17 The age-old droopy eyes.

#18 Boo!

#19 I do not like the look in his eyes.

#20 I still have nightmares about this.

#21 Is that Drake?

#22 Is he going to go after Jasmine again?

#23 Captain Hook’s got a big face.

#24 Ursula does have very big lips though.

#25 Those are quite sharp shark teeth.

#26 Never seen such a quiet cat.

What are your thoughts on her lip art? Isn’t it on a completely next level? Comment down below and let us know what you think.