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Marc Becker: A Marketing Veteran of Universal and Tangent Has Passed Away at 37

Marc Becker, a veteran marketing executive in the entertainment industry who held a position at Universal Pictures for seven years, and served as the CEO of The Tangent Agency since 2015, has sadly been declared dead at the age of 37.

What was the cause of Marc Becker’s death?

Tangent recently announced in a heartfelt statement that the cause of the executive’s death at such a young age is “a long battle with cancer.” The agency further commented: “If you have worked with us over the years, you have no doubt gotten to experience the larger-than-life presence that was Marc. He was the life of the party, with a million-watt smile that could light up any room. So full of energy, passion and life — he had a genuine joy not only for the work he did but more so for the people he connected with.”

The company then adds that ever since Marc Becker joined the team and took up the role of CEO, he truly gave his everything to the agency and his team, investing ample time, enthusiasm, and heart into his work. Tangent mentions that it continues to profess their reverence for the influence Becker has had on their lives, asserting that he will live on in the memory of them all, with a legacy cemented by his dedication and tireless efforts.

“Ever since joining the Tangent team and taking on the role of CEO, he poured his time, enthusiasm and heart into his work and his work family. He changed our lives forever, and we will never forget him.”


Does Marc Becker have any survivors?

Source: THR / The Tangent Agency

It has been reported that Marc Becker had a loving family, with survivors consisting of his wife, Lindsay, as well as their son Jett, who was born on Valentine’s Day, earlier this year. A funeral service is planned to commence at 10 a.m. this Wednesday, at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley, where members of the family and friends are expected to gather and bid farewell to Becker.