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Marc Gilpin: Perry Gilpin’s Brother & ‘Jaws’ Actor Dead

In Jaws 2, Marc Gilpin played the youngest son of Roy Scheider’s character, Police Chief Martin Brody, and was 11 when the movie came out. The Fraiser actress Peri Gilpin, who is also Marc’s older sister, recently announced his tragic death at the age of 56.

What was the cause of Marc Gilpin’s death?

Source: Jaws 2 / IMDB

Marc Gilpin sadly passed away after a long battle with glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer, with his sister Peri revealing the news. Gilpin is survived by his wife of 24 years, Kaki, and their two sons, Spencer and Presley. His two other sisters, April and Patti, both died in recent year, leaving Peri to be his only other family remaining.

Source: Marc Gilpin / Facebook

What was Marc Gilpin’s legacy in film and TV?

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Marc Gilpin booked his first national commercial for Exxon when he was four years old, also performing in the NBC series Thunder and Where’s Willy? before his most famous role. He is widely known for his portrayal of Sean Brody in the 1978 sequel to Jaws. He was 11 years old when the picture was released, and he eventually acted in other films, including NBC’s CHiPs and ABC’s Fantasy Land, Earthbound and The Legend of the Long Ranger. Gilpin also starred in the Zach Galligan lead 1985 ABC telefilm Surviving. Gilpin was then discovered in Massachusetts while visiting Peri by manager Jerry Silverhardt, after receiving positive feedback for the film. After working on a multitude of episodes on NBC’s Silver Spoons and ABC’s China Beach along with the 1989 movie She’s Out of Control, Gilpin became a self-taught software engineer.