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These Marvel Heroes Then Vs. Now Will Surely Make You Feel Old

This just makes me feel old.

Even though I am only 20 years old. I mean I have watched most of these characters and movies they were in and I guess I didn’t relize how different they looked from when the first movie came out.

Some of these characters had a cast change while some just gt older. But whatever the change, each and every one of them looks great. Especially Deadpool in the Now part.

So scroll on below and take a look at how some of our favorite Marvel heroes have changed over the years and the actors portraying them.

#1 Black Widow.

Black Widow

#2 Captain America. 

Captain America

#3 Hawkeye. 


#4 Iron-Man. 


#5 Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) 

Bucky Barnes

#6 Hulk. 


#7 Thanos. 


#8 Thor. 


#9 Jean Grey. 

Jean Grey

#10 Deadpool. 


#11 Collossus. 


#12 Wolverine. 


#13 Venom. 


I am aware that Venom is not a superhero but who really cares about that? Were you surprised by any of these? Did these make you feel old? Comment down below and let us know.