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Marvel Legacy #1 Brings Us an Epic Unexpected Return of Death

After the relaunch Marvel NOW!, which aimed to capture new readers through changes in the Marvel Universe and the focusing on modern and young heroes; the publisher is now proposing a new epic relaunch, but that is established as a return to the roots, an effort oriented to recall the rich history of this universe and the iconic characters it has given.

Marvel Legacy, which will arrive this week with the special number Marvel Legacy # 1, has already given much to speak primarily because it is a story that will cover the evolution of the Marvel Universe since the beginning of time, extending to the first version of The Avengers, a million years before Christ, and establishing connections with these prehistoric versions of the characters and their contemporary versions.

Marvel Legacy

And also, because, as announced by Marvel creative boss Joe Quesada, Marvel Legacy would include the returning to activity of a dear character to the fans.

[SPOILER ALERT] Who comes back from death?

It is Wolverine.

“Yes, Logan returns from death!” Editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told “After three years with a Marvel Universe without Logan, he will return with sharp claws and ready for action.”

Who comes back from death
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And the return of Logan also has another interesting twist. He will now come with a Stone of Infinity in his possession.

Logan’s death occurred in the story “Death of Wolverine” published in 2014, in which a virus removes his famous healing power making him vulnerable and mortal, and in a confrontation with Dr. Cornelius ends up covered with adamantium and dying suffocated before the metal solidifies.

“How he returns, why he returns, and how he obtained that Stone of Infinity are things that will be revealed by them as part of this fascinating history, which will take us to unusual places,” said Alonso.

What can we expect from Marvel Legacy # 1?

What can we expect from Marvel Legacy

Its official synopsis tells us the following:

Start at the dawn of the human race, and end with the prayer of a child!

In the middle, empires fall, mysteries arise, secrets are revealed, missions are undertaken and legends are forged. All this leads to the dramatic return everyone was waiting for – and others that everyone feared.

Jason Aaron (Mighty Thor) and Esad Ribic (Secret Wars) lead us to a new dawn, one whose rays will reach every corner of the Marvel Universe in the times to come.

Marvel Legacy is everything you’ve been waiting for, and more!, it’s available since yesterday, September 27th.