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Metallica’s Arizona Concert Postponed Due to James Hetfield’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Metallica Postpone Arizona Show After James Hetfield Catches Covid

In a dramatic twist of fate, the world-renowned rock band Metallica has been forced to postpone their concert in Arizona, originally scheduled for Sep 3. What’s the culprit behind this unexpected turn of events? None other than a positive COVID-19 diagnosis for their iconic lead singer, James Hetfield.

Metallica Reschedules Glendale Concert to September 9th as COVID-19 Hits Guitarist James Hetfield

The band has rearranged their originally planned second night at Glendale’s State Farm Stadium, and it’s now scheduled for September 9th. They expressed their deep disappointment and apologized for any inconvenience caused by this change.

Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In a statement, the band mentioned that James Hetfield has been affected by COVID-19. They look forward to completing the M72 No Repeat Weekend in Glendale the following Saturday.

Metallica’s Tour Traditions Altered: James Hetfield’s Illness Affects Setlist

Source: Voltage

Metallica, known for performing two nights in each city during their M72 tour, recently made an unusual change to their routine. Typically, they deliver a 16-song setlist each night during their current U.S. tour, concluding with the iconic “Master of Puppets.” However, fans attending the Friday night show in Glendale witnessed a 14-song set that omitted “Master of Puppets.”

It was only on the following Saturday that the announcement of James Hetfield’s illness shed light on this alteration.-