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 Michael Caine: The Legendary Actor Announces His Retirement from the Screen at Age 90

The well-known actor Sir Michael Caine, made an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Today show where he confirmed that he is officially retiring from acting. The Oscar-winning artist announced the news while promoting his latest and, apparently, final film, The Great Escaper. Caine had previously mentioned wanting to retire but was repeatedly drawn back to the industry. This time, however, the 90-year-old looks determined to finally bid farewell to acting.

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What did Michael Caine say about his retirement plans?

On the radio show, Michael Caine commented on the William Ivory-written script of his latest film. “Funny enough, I’d retired when I was sent the script, and I turned it down three times, but I kept falling in love with him every time I read it, and so I did it,” he began. He then announced his decision to completely step away from the big screen once and for all.

“I kept saying I’m gonna retire. Well, I am now because I figured, I’ve had a picture where I’ve played the lead, and it’s got incredible reviews,” concluded the actor. “The only parts I’m likely to get now are old men, 90-year-old men — well, maybe 85, you know? And I thought, ‘Well, I might as well leave with all this. I’ve got wonderful reviews. What am I gonna do to beat this?’” While he may no longer appear in films, the actor added that he intends to keep working. In the BBC interview, he also revealed how he’s shifting his attention from performing to writing. His debut novel, Deadly Game, is set to be released in December.

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What is ‘The Great Escaper’ about?

The Great Escaper joins the actor’s vast list of credits, which includes The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Best Sellers, Now You See Me, Inception, The Cider House Rules, and many more. The Warner Bros. film is based on the real-life narrative of World War II veteran Bernard (Bernie) Johnson, who walked out of his nursing home in the summer of 2014 to attend the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. Oliver Parker directs the picture, which also stars the late Glenda Jackson.

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