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Miss Benny’s Journey As A Gender-Nonconforming Character In Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’

Gender-Nonconforming Character Miss Benny In 'Glamorous'

Experience the glitz and glamour of the makeup industry in the exciting new Netflix series, “Glamorous.” Set in a department store, this captivating show invites you into the dazzling world of beauty, where makeup holds the power to defy societal norms.

Anchoring the series is Marco Mejia, a gender-nonconforming character portrayed by the talented Miss Benny. The talented actor is known for their roles in Fuller House, Love, Victor, and American Horror Story.

Miss Benny’s Transformation: From High School Student to an Out-and-Proud Character

Originally envisioned as a high school student, Marco’s character underwent a remarkable transformation throughout the four-year development process. Now, an out-and-proud, living homosexual, Marco’s story resonates deeply with Miss Benny.

In the comedic world of “Glamorous,” where homophobia and transphobia are absent, Marco finds himself working as a makeup-selling assistant in a department store. When the founder of a beauty brand, Madolyn Addison (played by Kim Cattrall), enters his life, Marco’s path takes an exciting turn.

“There are so many unique challenges you face as somebody who is gender-nonconforming, specifically when you’re assigned male at birth and you present very feminine. Almost every single character on the show is a different shade of queer.”

Miss Benny

Miss Benny’s Dream Collaboration with Kim Cattrall in ‘Glamorous’

When Miss Benny discovered that Kim Cattrall, an iconic actress, was cast in the show, they were overjoyed. As a longtime fan of Sex and the City, Cattrall had always been an inspiration to Miss Benny’s acting style.

In fact, Miss Benny had even paid tribute to Cattrall’s character in a previous role. It was a surreal moment when they found out they would be co-starring with their idol.

Miss Benny, who is also a singer having recently released their debut EP titled Swelter, feels incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the vibrant and dreamy world of “Glamorous.”

Miss Benny hope that “Glamorous” will inspire more opportunities for diverse talent and provide an enjoyable and uplifting experience for viewers.