Good News For ‘Missing: Dead or Alive?’ Fans: Season 2 Has Been Confirmed By Netflix

Netflix is finally moving forward with plans to renew Missing: Dead or Alive? for a second season. The show, which follows law enforcement officials in South Carolina seeking missing people, has managed to charm its audience enough to earn a second chapter on the streaming platform.

‘Missing: Dead or Alive?’ Season 2

Source: Netflix

When it premiered earlier this year, the true crime documentary series topped the streamer’s Global Top 10 rankings in nearly 20 countries, spending two weeks at the top of both the UK and the US. Season 2 is reportedly gearing up for another four episodes of filming in South Carolina later this year, and will be produced by UK independent Blast! Films.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

What is ‘Missing: Dead or Alive?’ about?

Missing: Dead or Alive? basically follows police from a sheriff’s department in South Carolina as they aggressively pursue individuals who have vanished under strange circumstances. In one Season 1 episode, an Iraq War veteran was questioned when police discovered troubling details about him in his mother’s home, who had gone missing and in another, a man’s truck was discovered abandoned on the side of the highway, but his phone and a $10,000 winning lottery ticket were missing.

Source: Netflix

Missing is one of many Netflix shows that originate in the UK, while being shot in the United States. side from this, at the Edinburgh TV Festival the streamer debuted a documentary about Albert Einstein’s relationship with Hitler and the bomb from BBC Studios, as well as a World War II documentary series presented by John Boyega from Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story independent 72 Films.