‘Hannah Montana’: Former Disney Channel Actor Mitchel Musso Arrested for Public Intoxication, Theft & More

Mitchel Musso, the young star who portrayed Oliver Oken in Disney Channel’s hit musical teen series Hannah Montana, was arrested in Texas on charges including public intoxication and other offenses. Here’s what we know so far:

Source: Getty Images / BBC

Mitchel Musso: What charges is he facing?

The actor, widely loved for his work on Hannah Montana, was arrested in Texas and is facing multiple charges. According to a report from TMZ, Mitchel Musso spent time in a Rockwall, TX jail after being charged with public intoxication, theft under $100, expired registration, failure to display a driver’s license, and violating a promise to appear notice.

Source: Rockwall Police Dept

Apparently, Musso was released on a $1,000 bond after being arrested in connection to an incident that happened at a local food market where he ended up stealing a bag of potato chips. Staff members reportedly requested that the actor pay for the snack, but the former Disney star allegedly became hostile and “verbally abusive” before ultimately “walking off.” Ofcourse, the authorities were then phoned and they caught up with Musso outside of his hotel, found him under the influence, and took him in.

What is Mitchel Musso’s history as an actor?

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Mitchel Musso rose to stardom in his portrayal of Oliver Oken, Miley Cyrus’ best friend in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, for a run of four seasons. In 2009, the actor appeared in Hannah Montana: The Movie to reprise his role. Musso would eventually land a job voicing Jeremy Johnson in the animated series Phineas and Ferb. In 2010, his Disney XD series Pair of Kings was broadcast, with the actor starring in the first two seasons of the production. On September 23, 2022, after a decade away from the public eye, Mitchel got into the music scene and emerged with his new single DRANK for his mix-tape, Ghost.