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Talented Mother Makes Amazing Disney-Inspired Lunches For Her Son

Your lunch will never be as cool looking as this. 

Unless your name is Jacob and your mother is the Talented, Laleh Mohemedi. All of us however usually only got a peanut butter sandwich or a corn on the cob as our lunch.

However Laleh goes beyond just a delicious lunch. After all appearances are important too right? And which kid is not a big fan of Disney? That is why Laleh creates the following amazing art on a plate.

It all started when she made a pancake into a lion. Her son, Jacob loved the idea and here we are. I am sure many other mothers will follow in her footsteps. I mean any kid would even eats greens because of the way these lunches are presented.

#1 Just look at that detailed hair braid.

#2 She got the expression perfectly right.

#3 I literally have no words.

#4 Teaching your kids to never lie.

The main reason behind these Disney inspired lunches is because Laleh Mohmedi wanted her two-year-old son to eat a healthy diet.

So she started to create this amazing lunches in the mid of 2015.  And her Instagram quickly went viral with over 50,000 followers.

At the beginning I made him this lion, which looked more like a bear, and he just loved it. I’ve always been a big advocate for healthy and organic food.

#5 Now, I’m hungry.

#6 But I’d never want to eat these creations and ruin all the hard work.

#7 Jacob is a lucky kid indeed.


It takes about 20-35 minutes depending on the character. The night before Jacob tells me what character he wants.

When he tells me what character he wants from a book or something he’s seen, I Google the image and see what colors they use.

#8 And this is just adorable.

Which one of these amazing creations are your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And you can check out more her work at her Instagram account, Jacob’s Food Diaries.