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Brand New Trailer Shows Mr. Robot is Back, But will He Stay For Much Longer? *Spoilers*

USA has given us another trailer for the upcoming third season of Mr. Robot, which in all honestly, has hyped us up even more. An extended trailer and different clips of the new season have been released here and there, but nothing as telling as the latest release. With such a rocky ending (and beginning) for the second season, how can we expect the network to bring us back the quality of the first season that earned it a 96% on rotten Tomatoes?

Image via: Mr. Robot: Season 3 – ‘Democracy’ Teaser Trailer

Mr. Robot’s first season 3 trailer displayed all-out anarchy.

This is a still from the first trailer we received for season 3 of Mr. Robot and although there is plenty of more evidence to accompany the already shocking image, this is pretty good proof not everything is peachy when Elliot awakens. The trailer further goes on to show trash piling up, people wearing facemasks, a woman (Angela?) even wearing a mask. “It’s coming to America first; the cradle of the best of the worst” are the lyrics that accompany each scene of our favorite characters and what better irony is that when it’s from Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy“. I don’t think democracy will be making a comeback in this season.

Mr. Robot: Season 3 – Official Trailer

Mr. Robot has returned to us!

Although we knew Mr. Robot could not go on with Mr. Robot himself (or at least not without Elliot) we didn’t get a full glimpse of him until now, which left us wondering the part he was going to play in this season. We now know that Angela is with him and after we found out Angela is working with Tyrell, will Elliot act any differently towards her? This puts a whole new meaning to “shots fired” between friends.

Mr. Robot: Season 3 – Official Trailer

Just like a superhero putting on their outfit, Elliot puts on his hood.

It’s iconic really and is the one thing that hits home with his viewers. It shows that despite what Elliot has already gone through, he’s not giving up and he’s still not going to let innocent people get hurt, just like his attempts at the end of season 2. Mr. Robot isn’t done either as he makes his own reappearance, hellbent on finishing the work that needs to be done. It’s already obvious Elliot will be stressed to the breaking point even more while trying to keep his other personality in check. Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot, stated, “Season 3 is about Elliot trying to bounce back and fight against the people who have been using him. Elliot isn’t going to take this lying down.”. So let’s get back and see how Elliot plans on fighting back!

Mr. Robot: Season 3 – Official Trailer

Will hiding in “plain sight” keep working?

It’s not only Elliot in danger anymore, but pretty much every character will be put  on their toes and tested in every way possible. Whether it will keep working to not, it’s the best strategy our ‘heros’ have now that they face odds from the FBI AND the Dark Army. But just like Elliot and Mr. Robot butting heads, it seems there will be even more clashes between the FBI, the Dark Army and fsociety. Let’s hope everyone (including the viewers) are prepared for what’s to come.

Image via: Mr. Robot: Season 3 – ‘Democracy’ Teaser Trailer

We get to see some friendly (and not so friendly) new faces!

Bobby Cannavale (as seen above) will be playing a man of Irving, a used car salesman and obviously someone not to be messed with. No doubt, something will be done that will create the scene above, but why? How does his character come into play? Perhaps he sells used Tesla’s that will be used in some hacking scheme during the episode (super cheesy, I know). Nonetheless, we don’t know much about his character, but we’re still pretty excited!

Rizwan Manji will also be joining the cast of Mr. Robot but as a more likable character and as far as we can tell “good guy” if you count the FBI as good guys. He’ll become the new partner to Dominique DiPerro, as she continues to try to gain ground to solve her investigation.

But if you’re not into seeing good guys as much as the bad guys, that’s fine because you’ll be seeing much more of Whiterose this season as BD Wong’s character will become the main character this season! Lost fans rejoice!

Oh, did we mention we have the trailer for you?

We hope you don’t think that lowly of us, to think we’d skip out on giving you the trailer. Think of it as a special reward for listening to the ranting and fanning over the OFFICIAL trailer for Mr. Robot season 3! See you guys (And Mr. Robot of course) October 11th when season 3 premieres!