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Mulan Is The Best Disney Movie Ever And Here’s Why

Forget about Moana.

While Moana was a great movie no doubt and had a strong female character. However, Mulan did it first. I know Mulan is not the most popular movie ever but it should be because it is absolutely perfect.

Okay, maybe nothing is perfect but Mulan is pretty damn close to it. Other than featuring a strong female character who saved herself, there are loads of other things in this movie making it all the more better.

Following are the 13 reasons why this movie is the best Disney has ever made.

#1 Mushu is a great character right after Genie.  

Mushu is a great character right after Genie
Via Disney

You have to admit Eddie Murphy did a great job voicing this incredible dragon. He has everything a character ever needs, humor and a great character arc. What more could you ask for?

#2 “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You.”

I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Via Disney

Do I need to say any more? Because “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” is a great song. Period.

#3 ‘My Reflection’ might not be as iconic but it is still great. 

My Reflection
Via Disney

Did you know this is the song that launched Christina’s career?

#4 “You’ll Bring Honor To Us All”

You'll Bring Honor To Us All
Via Disney

I know it’s not the most popular song but it is still great. You know what? Every song in this movie is a gem in it’s own right.

#5 Grandmother Fa is the best. 

Grandmother Fa is the best
Via Disney

Sure, The grandmother in Moana was great but she was clealry ripped off from Grandma Fa and I will not stand for that.

#6 Shan Yu is truly terrifying. 

Shan Yu is truly terrifying
Via Disney

Have you looked at those evil eyes? Enough said.

#7 Then there are the ghosts. 

Then there are the ghosts
Via Disney

They might not really have any use in the movie but they make it more……interesting?

#8 Li Shang is great. 

Li Shang is great
Via Disney

Sure, he might have been a jerk sometimes but he came around at the end. And he might even be bi so yay?

#9 Cri-Kee is the cutest sidekick ever. 

Cri-Kee is the cutest sidekick ever
Via Disney

Just look at that face!

#10 Little Brother however just takes the cake on being cute.

Little Brother however just takes the cake on being cute
Via Disney

Sure he might not serve any purpose other than being cute but isn’t that enough?

#11 The final battle is everything. 

The final battle is everything
Via Disney

This movie might have been ‘family-friendly’ but the final battle scene was intense to say the least.

#12 Mulan is THE best Disney princess. 

Mulan is THE best Disney princess
Via Disney

Other than being a kickass gal, she also likes to do her own saving and not be a damsel-in-distress like every other Disney princess ever.

#13 She is also a killer. 

She is also a killer
Via Disney

And I say that with the utmost respect. After all, she didn’t really kill innocent people.

Any reasons that we missed that make Mulan your favorite Disney movie? If so comment down below and let us know.