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NBC Missed An Epic Chance For Another One Chicago Crossover

The One Chicago franchise (Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med) ended without any crossovers, even though there was a perfect chance for one. ‘Chicago Fire’ premiered in 2012, and NBC realizing the potential and the profits expanding the universe could reap, came out with ‘Chicago PD’ in 2014 and then ‘Chicago Med’ in 2015. Over the years, NBC has come up with multiple crossovers between the three shows but unfortunately there have been very few crossovers in recent seasons even though opportunities keep on arising.

How did the storylines of Chicago PD and Chicago Fire fit together?

In Chicago PD, Ruzek’s undercover operation came to a conclusion when Richard Beck, the white supremacist whose trust he was trying to gain for months, moved his plans further, involving domestic terrorism. At the same time Chicago Fire features Firehouse 51 on the heels of a (apparently) different domestic terrorist group. The odds of two terrorist groups in Chicago in the same timeline were very slim, hence giving NBC a proper opportunity to initiate another crossover between the two series. Unfortunately, the network didn’t jump on the potential crossover, and both Chicago PD and Fire reached their own conclusions regarding their terrorist groups.

“Right now, there are no plans to do a family-related story for Violet with a connection to Med, but we love when we have characters that can cross over to both shows, so who knows what will happen in the future!”

Showrunner of Chicago Fire months ago when asked about a crossover

When was the last time the One Chicago Universe had a crossover?

The last crossover in this universe was between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD in February 2020. In this event Sean Roman returned to Chicago to search for his sister which called for The Intelligence Unit and Firehouse 51 to work together to find her. Ofcourse, COVID-19 made crossovers very difficult with its safety precautions designed to limit exposure, but since it has mostly died down, we hope that it’s time for our beloved Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med characters to interact once again.