Netflix Is Rebooting A Childhood Favorite With A Twist So Get Pumped

Childhood is Making a Home Visit

And it’s coming in the form of Netflix. Yes, you heard right, Netflix will be releasing a reboot of a childhood favorite the Magic School Bus and 90’s kids are getting pumped.

Back in the days of elementary school we can firmly recall pop-corn reading, summer assignments, the obligatory science fair, those black-and-white graphing notebooks, and times tables. However, in fonder child memories of our schooling there were field days, book fairs, gold star stickers, Bill Nye, and the Magic School Bus.

The joy that came across a room of nine year olds when told that the day’s science lessons would include the Magic School Bus was so real and pure. We were so easily pleased that those simple pleasures today bring fond nostalgia.

To those of you who haven’t had the chance to see the trailer of the upcoming revival of that 90’s childhood classic, here it is:

The story has changed a bit and the animation has taken on a different style but the tone and vibe of the newer story mirrors that of our childhood.

Now, I can’t say how many of the 90’s kids will actually be logging into their Netflix account to binge, but it’s likely most of us will at least watch the pilot to see how it compares.

Even still, as one generations joy to the next, the kids growing up today will get a taste of what we got back in our simpler days.

And Just maybe…

It will end up in the science classrooms of today as a bit of a fun and educational learning piece for the new youth.