Netflix Renews Popular Japanese Sci-Fi Series ‘Alice In Borderland’ For Season 3

Netflix has confirmed the renewal of its hit Japanese sci-fi thriller drama series Alice in Borderland for a third season. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the news on Netflix late Wednesday night when the streaming service released a surprise teaser for the new season, and the streamer then made it official with an announcement!

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What do we know about ‘Alice In Borderland’?

Fans spotted a teaser for the upcoming third season of Netflix’s Alice in Borderland late Wednesday, leading to speculation online that a new season might be in the works. At a conference in Bali, Indonesia, Netflix’s Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Content in Asia Pacific, then made the news official by announcing the show’s renewal during a keynote speech from the stage. Based on Haro Aso’s manga series of the same name, Alice in Borderland basically follows Arisu after he is taken to a parallel reality where he must play and win games in order to survive. The games are separated into four categories, which are represented by suits on a deck of cards.

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The second season added new cast members, including Tomohisa Yamashita as “King of Clubs” Kyuma, Yuri Tsunematsu as Heiya, Hayato Isomura as Banda, Kai Inowaki as Matsushita, Katsuya Maiguma as Yaba, and Honami Sato as Kotoko. The last season of the Japanese fan favorite show ended on a cliffhanger featuring the Joker card, causing much speculation regarding the upcoming third season.

What can we expect from Season 3 of ‘Alice in Borderland’?

With Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya reprising their roles as Arisu and Usagi in Season 3, Netflix says fans can expect to see the progression of their characters in Borderland’s ever-dangerous atmosphere. Shinsuke Sato will also continue to direct the series, ensuring that its hallmark intensity and beauty are maintained.

Source: Netflix

Alice in Borderland became Netflix Japan’s most-watched title ever after its second-season premiere in December 2022, even considering anime titles. It reached the Top 10 in over 90 countries, with 17 of them ranking first, and tallied 200 million viewing hours globally.