Foul Play Suspected: Nichole Coats Found Dead After Another Model Was The Target Of Apparent Homicide

Model Nichole Coats has been found dead at the age of 32. The LA-based model was discovered “unrecognizable” in her apartment on September 10 by her father and aunt, who became concerned after not hearing from her for several days. Nichole’s death is one of two recent cases in the modelling world, with the other involving Maleesa Mooney, a 31-year-old model whose death is being investigated as a murder.

What do we know about the death of Nichole Coats?

Los Angeles-based 32-year-old model Nichole Coats’ body was found in her apartment on September 10 by her concerned family, according to KTLA. Afterwards, LAPD confirmed the death to ABC7 after they conducted a welfare check and discovered the tragic scene. Those closest to Nichole, also known as Nikki, reflected on the sudden passing: “This is senseless and I want some answers because my daughter is gone,” began the late model’s mother, Sharon Coats. “And it’s not fair. I want everybody to find out who did this to her. She shouldn’t be gone.”

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Her aunt, May Stevens, also described the heartbreaking discovery, saying she “couldn’t recognize” her niece when they found her. The model’s cousin Sheniya Mason also gave her thoughts on the situation to KABC: “I just felt like everything was moving in slow motion. And I still am in shock, in denial that she’s not here. It just didn’t look right to us. Didn’t look right how she was positioned in the bed. She was even unrecognizable as if she’d been beat. They had to [identify] her by her tattoos.” Nicole’s death has been classified as “suspicious” by the authorities.

“This is our reality now, living without her. I know it’s not going to hit for a while, until the holidays come up…She’s not gonna walk in the door…It still has not hit me. It has not, but I just know I love her and I will forever love her. I just want her spirit and her legacy to live on.”

Sheniya Mason
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The Maleesa Mooney Case: An Overview

In addition to the death of Nichole Coats, another similar case was reported, involving real estate agent and model Maleesa Mooney. Mooney, 31, was discovered dead inside her residence at Skye at Bunker Hill luxury apartments on the 200 block of South Figueroa Street around 4 p.m. on a Tuesday. Los Angeles Police Department officers were summoned for a welfare check when her relatives got concerned since she wasn’t responding calls or messages, leading to authorities locating the models corpse inside. According to KTLA, this case is being treated as a murder – and when asked if the two cases had any correlation, a spokesperson for LAPD noted that it was “too soon” to tell.

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