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Noreen Nash: Starlet Of The 1940’s & 50’s Dies At 99

After we lost Tina Turner, Robert Hanssen, The Iron Sheik and Pat Robertson this month, it is a sad day for Hollywood as Noreen Nash’s son just confirmed her death at the age of 99. The blue-eyed beauty is well remembered for her two dozen features during her two-decade long career, including several ‘B’ pictures (low budget commercial motion pictures) like ‘Phantom From Space’ (1953).

What was the cause of her death?

The Neptune Society confirmed her June 6th passing in Sherman Oaks but did not provide any further details. It was her oldest son, Lee Siegel Jr, that told The Hollywood Reporter that she died peacefully on Tuesday of natural causes at her house in Beverly Hills. She is survived by her two sons, Lee Siegel Jr who is a novelist and a professor, and Robert James Siegel who is a cardiologist. In addition to her sons, her surviving family include her grandchildren, Sebastian, Dmitri, John and Cara, and four great-grandchildren. No memorial has yet been planned.

A bit about Noreen Nash:

Born Norabelle Jean Roth, she is known as an American film and television actress. She worked as a model alongside models like Marilyn Monroe before getting into acting which started with her being crowned ‘Apple Blossom Queen’ at her hometown when she was 18. In the beginning of her career, she had several uncredited parts at MGM. She married Dr. Lee Siegel in 1942, only known him for little over a month, and had two sons with him. Then in 1945, she appeared in ‘The Southerner’ , ‘The Big Fix’ (1947), and ‘Assigned to Danger’ (1948) after which she mostly had leading roles in B movies of the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Encouraged by her son, she left the acting profession in 1962 and went on to attend college, become a writer and publish several books. Dr. Siegel passed in 1990 after which she married James Whitmore who passed away 8 years after their marriage.