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We Have Links To All Your Favorite Old Disney Channel Games So You Can Live Your Childhood Once Again

Ready for a big dose of nostalgia?

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Because I definitely am! I practically grew up with Hannah Montana before she ‘changed’. (Not hating on her though.)  And let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want to go back to those innocent days when you thought wizards were real?

Well now you can! Because we have compiled a list of all your favorite Disney games that are surely going to bring back your childhood. Ready to spend the whole day playing Cory’s Money Maze?

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So let’s get back to the innocent days.

So let's get back to the innocent days
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And who could forget!?

And who could forget
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#1 That’s So Raven.

 That's So Raven
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Cory’s Money Maze

Eddie’s Match ‘em All Basketball

Eddie’s Shot Clock Showdown

#2 The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
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Pizza Party Pickup

Pool Invasion

Maddie’s Snack Encounter

London’s Suite Styler

Tipton Trouble

#3 Kim Possible.

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Rufus Snow Ride*

Bueno Rufus

A Sitch in Time*

A Sitch in Time 2 – Past

Shopping Avenger*

Rufus Recall

Super Villain Face Off

Ron’s Free Fall

Card Clash

GWA Wrestling Wriot*

Super Villain Smash Out*

Mad Dog Squad*

#4 Hannah Montana.

old games
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Rock Star Fashion Challenge

Miley’s Malibu Manicure*

#5 Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

Old disney games
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Stitch Tiki Bowl

625 Sandwich Stacker

#6 Lizzie McGuire.

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Outfit Design

Turbo Racer

And some extra games. Because why not!?

And some extra games. Because why not
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Leaf Boarding (Brandy & Mr. Whiskers)

Time Machine Rescue (Phil of the Future)

Puff’s Skate Jam (The Proud Family)

Happy gaming!

Happy gaming
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