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Legendary Student Wrote A One-Sentence Review For Fight Club And Got An A

“Work smart not hard!”

While it’s easier said than done, one clever girl managed to do exactly that! You see, Allison Garret was given an essay for her assignment where she had to write a whole review for a movie. A review that would perfectly sum up the whole plot of the film and would highlight every important detail in it. Now, Allison saw this as the perfect opportunity to outsmart everyone so she chose “Fight Club” for her essay.

And if you’ve seen fight club you can probably imagine where this is going! With that being said, let’s take a look at what Allison did with her essay. Scroll on below and check it out.

Trust me it’s not easy to come up with such brilliant ideas.


And Allison did not only come up with this plan, but she also executed it.

She actually submitted her assignment that was only 19 words!

But here’s the best part!

I can’t believe it actually worked.


When she tweeted the whole incident, it quickly went viral. So, she decided to use her newfound fame for a good cause.


Here’s what people had to say.


She’s definitely a courageous young woman.


Kudos to the professor for his non-typical mindset and awesome sense of humor.


However, not every teacher is the same. So be careful with your ideas guys!


All in all, everyone totally loved it.


What is your take on the situation? Would you ever do something clever and daring? Let us know in the comments below.