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‘Osiyo, Voices of the People’ Scoops Six Heartland Regional Emmy Awards

‘Osiyo, Voices Of The People’ Earns Six Emmy Awards

In a joyous celebration of storytelling and cultural heritage, ‘Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People’ has accomplished an impressive feat, earning six esteemed Heartland Regional Emmy Awards. This captivating docuseries, created by Cherokee Nation, has been recognized by the National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences, highlighting its powerful portrayal of the rich history and traditions of the Cherokee People.

OsiyoTV Honored with 22nd Emmy Win: Elevating Cherokee Stories Globally

Source: The National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences

OsiyoTV, the tribe’s cultural television series and its short documentaries, continues to receive numerous accolades for sharing real-life stories of the Cherokee people. Known as OsiyoTV, the show is highly regarded in the industry as one of the most awarded Indigenous-run series. With the 2023 Heartland Regional Emmy Awards, the show’s total Emmy wins have reached an impressive 22!

Jennifer Loren, the executive producer, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the importance of Native-led content and representation in TV and film. This year, OsiyoTV earned nine Emmy nominations for episodes aired during its seventh season in various categories.

Source: IMDb

OsiyoTV: Transforming Cherokee Stories Worldwide

OsiyoTV, hosted and executive produced by Jennifer Loren, a Cherokee Nation citizen, filmmaker, and Emmy-winning journalist, has been sharing vibrant stories of hundreds of Cherokees since 2015. The show is changing the way Native Americans are represented by bringing the rich traditions and captivating modern stories of the Cherokee people to audiences worldwide.

Source: OsiyoTV

It is available on multiple platforms, including PBS in Oklahoma and Arkansas, RSU-TV in Tulsa, NBC and ABC in Joplin, and FNX in 25 national markets. Funded and produced by Cherokee Nation Businesses, OsiyoTV is making a significant impact in sharing Cherokee stories globally.