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5 Places With Excellent Food In Disney World And 5 Places That You Might Wanna Miss Out On

Do you consider yourself a foodie?

If you do then you’ve come to the right place! Especially if you also love Disney as much as we do. While it may be a good idea to look at yelp reviews for Disney restaurants.

Not all of those reviews are always fair. Because let’s be honest, Don’t we all get blinded by the Disney magic a tiny bit? So if you love your food to be unique and exotic, no matter the cost these places are for you!

5 places that you should eat at:

#1 Citricos offers amazing Mediterranean food that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Citricos offers amazing Mediterranean food
Via Disney

#2 You’ll be surprised to see the varied menu at Akershus.

surprised to see the varied menu at Akershus
Via Disney

#3 Artist Point might not be the most popular but their Berry Cobbler is the best.

Berry Cobbler is the best
Via Disney

#4 There isn’t a better steakhouse in Walt Disney World than Le Cellier.

better steakhouse
Via Disney

#5 In the mood for some unusual and decadent food? Head to the Tiffins!

Head to the Tiffins
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5 places that you shouldn’t eat at. 

#1 Garden Grill has decent food but nothing to be amazed at.

Garden Grill
Via Disney

#2 You might be able to dine with Sophia and Jake at Hollywood and Vine. The food however is okay.

Sophia and Jake at Hollywood and Vine
Via Disney

#3 The aquarium might be truly fantastic at the Coral Reef Restaurant, the menu although is not quite exotic.

Coral Reef Restaurant
Via Disney

#4 Diamond Horseshoe’s food might be quite tasty they don’t however have a lot of variety.

Diamond Horseshoe's food
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#5 You might be surprised to see Chef Mickey on the list but foodies might not be too impressed with the little variety on the menu.

Chef Mickey
Via Disney

Any of your favorite restaurants that didn’t make the list? Comment on below and let us know!