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People Are Imagining The New Pokemon Sword And Shield Games As Scottish And Its Hilarious

Pokemon is our childhood.

That is why everyone is hyped about the new Pokemon Sword and Sheild games. But guess what? The game has been rooted in the UK. This gave people the opportunity to imagine the game as Scottish.

Just imagine the dialogue in Scottish accent and slang – hilarious! They even included Queen Elizabeth in the dialogues. You’re in for an entertaining and wild experience right now. Scroll down below and enjoy:

The new Pokemon game was set in a land inspired by the UK.

This is what it’ll sound like if it was Scottish.

Pokemon’s take on Brexit.

Time? What’s that?

Is that a question to ask?

What if there is an angry Scottish Pokemon trainer?

Via @EquesTr0n

The monkey is going to grow into a right fine lad.

Music to my ears.

Imagine if this was real.

You vs Queen Elizabeth.

Via ir-dr

What if Nurse Joy was Scottish?

Well, here is the answer to that.

Via IcyLucario

What do you think of Scottish Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below.