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Artist Imagines Pokemon With Realistic Anatomy And Results Are Breathtaking

Let’s talk about some Pokenatomy!

With human anatomy being too mainstream, I think it’s just about time we start studying Pokemon anatomy as well. Imagine, reading about the internal structures, functions and biological processes of your favourite Pokemon! This is something we didn’t get to see in the Anime. But, thanks to the artist Christopher Stoll, we can now learn more about Pokemon!

While talking with Dorkly, Stoll said “Imagining that adorable Pokémon characters have all the messy underlying biology that real organisms have is an unsettling thought for a lot of people.”

“That mild transgressive element was exciting to me, and since the anime-style proportions of Pokemon are so unrealistic it was a challenge to design their biological underpinnings in a way that felt authentic,” said Stoll. He also shared some of his books with Dorkly that contain his artistic dissections of Pokemon. And, that’s exactly what we are going to show you today.

Let’s take a look!










Missingno (Let’s not miss out Missingno)

So, what is your take on these interesting Pokemonic dissections? I personally really like this artwork, especially the detailed descriptions that describe the organisms in a slightly humorous way. What do you think? Leave a comment below to let us know.

If you like this content, you can buy the whole book that contains all 151 Pokemon. (To purchase Pokenatomy visit this website.)