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10+ Posts That Will Ruin “Disney Channel” For You Forever!

Disney Channel was a staple of every 90s kid.

We loved the shows that on one hand pampered us with showing our childhood fantasies come alive but also in their own special ways prepared us for the straight-up ruin that is the world.

So, who could ever possibly think of ruining the beloved Disney Channel? Well, leave that to the kind folks of the internet we say!

Here’s 10+ ways Disney Channel is now ruined forever for us!

We’ve Got a Smartass Right Here!

We've Got a Smartass Right Here

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Only The Best!

Only The Best

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That’s a Cool Idea!

That's a Cool Idea

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The 90s Were a Strange Time!

The 90s Were a Strange Time

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The Hard Truth!

The Hard Truth

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Is That Right?

Is That Right

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Try. We Dare You. We Double Dare You!

Try We Dare You

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That’s Right!

That's Right

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Wow! That’s Another Level of Low!

That's Another Level of Low

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Facepalm Through the Roof!

Facepalm Through the Roof

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That’s One Smartass Right There!

That's One Smartass Right There That's One Smartass Right There 1 That's One Smartass Right There 2 That's One Smartass Right There 3

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Only One Question: WHY???

Only One Question

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What in the Hell!

What in the Hell

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How ‘Bout No!

Bout No

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Always Knew It, TBH!

Always Knew It Always Knew It

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The Level of Understanding is HIGH AF!

The Level of Understanding is HIGH AF

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*Wipes Tears*

Wipes Tears

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