Randall Park Urges Hollywood To Avoid a Barbie-Effect As The Film Reaches Booming Box Office Numbers

Following the success of the hit film, Barbie, The Office actor Randall Park is concerned about the industry’s takeaway from the film’s blockbuster performance. Greta Gerwig’s film has seen record-shattering successes, but Park cautions against Hollywood jumping on the toy IP train, instead urging that the “industry is taking the wrong lessons” from the movie’s massive success.

What did Randall Park say about ‘Barbie’?

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Park shared his views about Barbie and its effect on the industry while also promoting his new film, Shortcomings. Amidst Barbie‘s phenomenal success, Mattel executives are already cooking up plans for the film’s future. They have mentioned the likelihood of a sequel while further developing other properties for the big screen, such as Polly Pocket, Hot Wheels, and American Girl.

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The takeaway Park has from this situation and similar others is that the “industry is taking the wrong lessons” from Barbie‘s record-shattering success. Park urged, “Barbie is this massive blockbuster, so the idea is: Make more movies about toys? No. Make more movies by and about women!” Basically, the actor wants to caution Hollywood against pursuing more toy IP and advises the industry to create more films that both highlight and amplify women’s narratives and experiences.

What has Randall Park said about his new film, ‘Shortcomings’?

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With the release of his new directorial feature, Shortcomings, 49-year-old Randall Park is actively promoting his film, which is based on Adrian Tomine’s graphic novel. In a recent interview, Park was asked how he felt about the movie’s release, which coincided with hot blockbuster flicks such as Barbie (which has generated over $1billion) and Oppenheimer (more than half a million dollars). The actor playfully mentioned that he actually “sees it as Barbenheimercomings”and added, “The three of us together have broken records!”