Artist Revamp Disney Characters Into Derpy Gifs And Results Are Way Too Uncomfortable

Derpy and Disney don’t usually go together.

However, One artist thought the opposite. So he set out to make that happen. This artist and animators name is Yotam Perel and he wanted to put his own unique flair to the classic Disney movies.

While I am sure you have seen countless Disney re-imaginations, I can say with 100% certainty that you haven’t seen one like this. Most of these might be hilarious but few of these are terrifying to say the least.

So scroll on below and take a look at these glorious monstrosity. (And I say that with complete and utter respect for the Israeli artist.)

#1 He is clearly thirsty for some love. 

He is clearly thirsty for some love

#2 How can you not trust that face?

trust that face

#3 Tangles are a bit*h to deal with.

Tangles are a bit*h to deal with

#4 The fairy godmother cant help with the tongue problem. 

the tongue problem

#5 ‘I shouldn’t eat the mushrooms but….. oh well.’


#6 ‘You got it!’

You got it

#7 A girl like Pocahontas would never find that ‘smile’ attractive.


#8 Belle can be quite beastly at times it seems.

#9 Don’t think she can. She already reached her lowest point. 

Disney Derp

#10 Yah, feet like to do that sometimes.

feet like to do that sometimes

#11 What even is happening here?

What even is happening here

#12 Her hair is quite irresistible though so I don’t blame John. 

hair is quite irresistible

Share your thoughts in the comments below as to what you think about the derpy Disney gifs.