10+ Perfect Reactions to Disney Buying Fox

You might have heard by now that Disney is finalizing its purchase of 21st Century Fox – specifically its entertainment rights to franchises like X-Men, Deadpool, Avatar, Alien, Predator and The Simpsons. On a base level it is chilling to see Disney consume yet another mega-property as we inevitably hurtle towards a dystopian future with one mega-corporation controlling a bland monoculture of every property known to man.

But also the Avengers get to fight the X-Men now, so naturally the internet has some memes.

Here’s some of the best for your viewing pleasure:

1. Disney be Like Thanos, Collecting Every Entertainment Property Under The Sun!

Disney be Like Thanos

Source: DL

2. On the Plus Side, The Confrontation Between Iron Man and Magneto is Now a Dream That Can Turn Into Reality Very Soon!

 On the Plus Side

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3. But “The Simpsons” Predicted This Waaaaaaaaay Back!

4. And Of Course Ryan Reynolds is Having Some Fun Already!


5. Time for Errrrr…….”The Alien King”?


6. This is Actually Very Sound Logic!

This is Actually Very Sound Logic

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7. The Future of Kingdom Hearts, Ladies and Gentlemen!

8. So Disney is Now a Supervillain?

9. Please Disney, Don’t Screw With Deadpool!

10. Disney Doesn’t Quite Have the Rights to EVERY Marvel Character – There Are Still a Few Exceptions

11. We Love You, “The Simpsons”

12. Disney Also Has the Rights to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. So…..

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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13. “The Simpsons” Folks Are From the Future!

14. Apocalypse Now?

15. The Bare Truth!

So, folks, what do YOU think of the Disney-Fox merger?

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