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This Man Takes Realistic Pictures Of Himself With Superheroes And The Internet Is Loving It

Marvel and DC fans, gather around!

This Malaysian man, at Wire Hon, takes incredible illusionary pictures of him and his family with the all-time favorite superheroes! He perfectly stages action figures of different Marvel and DC characters at just the right distance to take real-life pictures.

On his Instagram page, he says “everybody needs a hobby…” and he’s happy with what he does.

Scroll down and see what we are talking about.


The Photo

The reality

#1 Handing over the essentials

#2 Painting

#3 Checking out Agent Romanoff. *FWEET!*

#4 Marvel and DC working together

#5 Dammit, Wilson!

#6 “Freeze.”

#7 Party time

#8 Superhero Photoshoots

#9 Taking advantage of the mighty Hulk!

#10 Stepping over

#11 “Right over there, Spidey.”

#12 Rare picture of Mr. Stark with Pikachu!

#13 “Please, don’t hurt me.”

#14 “And, don’t forget to scrub the toilet!”

#15 “BOYS! That’s enough. You’re both strong, now stop it.”

#16 Beating time.

#17 Looks like the job here is done.

#18 Superman: “So, which one of you weaklings wants to challenge me next?”

#19 Just another regular day of helping out Mr. Stark!

#20 Meanwhile, somewhere in the parallel universe!

#21 “Safety first, Wilson!”

#22 Full strength attack!

#23 Squad

#24 There’s nothing quite like helping out and doing chores!

#25 Just following Captain’s instructions!

#26 Playing with children

#27 A rare appearance of Optimus Prime.

#28 Trying to flirt with Agent Romanoff (RIP)

#29 “Please, turn me back to normal.”

#30 And finally catching Batman in broad daylight. (Didn’t see that coming)

So folks that would be all. Was this illusion just like real-life or what? Maybe you can try this too and surprise your friends. Share your views on this with us by commenting in the box below, and follow us for more every day!