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Netflix: Zack Synder Plans To Release ‘Rebel Moon’ As Two Movies With Two Cuts Each!

Zack Synder has revealed many new exciting details about his new upcoming movie ‘Rebel Moon’ starring Sofia Boutella. An epic space adventure, it is set to premiere on Netflix on December 22 this year in two parts. To write it, Synder completed a draft for an unmade Star Wars movie which served as inspiration for the new franchise. The best news for fans is that both movies will be released with two cuts each, the first version being the one that everyone can enjoy and the other version being more explicit and “adults-only”.

More details on this thrilling change:

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Zack Synder talked about how Rebel Moon became two movies, and provides more insight into the alternate cuts he plans to release for both of them. Rebel Moon will introduce audiences to an entirely new science fiction world, and there wasn’t enough time to tell the proper story so Netflix decided to green light the development of two movies with a $166 million budget. Although the release date for part two hasn’t been confirmed, Synder shared that he intends to release it “on the heels” of part one.

Both movies are set to have two seperate cuts, with the director’s cut going longer. He has always been a fan of making his movies enjoyable for everyone and has released alternate cuts for his movies before. Catering to all audiences, he stays true to his passion with Rebel Moon as well.

“The first version of Rebel Moon to hit screens will be a fantasy adventure that anyone can enjoy and watch. The later cut will be strictly for adults. I think for fans of mine and people who are ready to take a deeper, harder dive, that’ll be fun for them.”

Zack Synder in a recent interview

What are the preparations that have been made for Rebel Moon?

Synder has actually gone far and beyond with Rebel Moon, even taking to build a whole real life village in the Santa Clarita canyon outside of Los Angeles aside from the movie’s expected visual effects. In this sci-fi adventure, we see the story of Kora (Sofia Boutella), a young woman who goes beyond her peaceful community on the edge of the galaxy to recruit warriors to help her liberate her planet from the armies that threaten it. For this, “a full-size abandoned starfighter decoy not far from what appears to be an idyllic Scandinavian-style village, complete with clusters of homes, shops, and barns as well as a stone bridge arching over a crystalline river” was built by production, including actual fields of wheat in the desert.