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RedFall Has Failed Miserably And That Does Not Bode Well For Starfield


Redfall is just another nail in the coffin for xbox. While the big two consoles, PlayStation and xbox have been in competition for a long time, there used to be big technological changes between them. However, nowadays, there really isn’t much different between these two consoles since they re basically personal computers by now.

This means that the only way one can get the upper hand on the other is by offering nearly-perfect exclusive titles. And that is what PlayStation has been doing with it’s recent catalog. Redfall was supposed to help xbox in this criteria. However, it ended up failing miserably.

RedFall might mark the decline of the box console.

When RedFall was released, it was immediately panned not just because of the myriad of bugs and glitches but also because of the lacklustre open-world tacked on. Gamers are already experiencing open-world fatigue, especially with games that only have a big map for the sake of it and it is usually just empty space.

But this doesn’t only bode badly for RedFall and Xbox but also Starfield. Fans have already been waiting years for Bethesda’s new release and it has been delayed time and time again. And this recent disaster will put a magnifying glass on Starfield which means it has to be perfect or it will get panned by audiences and critics alike.

Starfield is set to release on September 6, 2023.

While at first, fans were more forgiving and thought the multiple delays were because the game was being polished but after the release of RedFall in such a state has left people worried for Starfield. The title has already been in development hell for five years so if we get another delay, this might be it for the future of Starfield and Xbox as well.

Starfield is supposed to be the first release after Microsoft acquired Bethesda Studios so this was already going to be a big deal. And with Bethesda’s history, fans have come to expect bugs and glitches but they don’t have the same luxury this time.

We can only hope that Starfield overcomes its issues and fans end up happy with the new release but only time will tell.