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10+ Examples Of How Ridiculous Logic Is In Cartoons

One of the reasons why we love cartoons is the absurd. In cartoons there’s ALL allowed, a situation many creatives take to be more irreverent than in any other type of fiction. Black humor, taboos, sexual issues, discrimination, bad jokes, we’ve seen everything in them.

In addition, there are times when you lose the logic completely, and here we present the most fun examples, where SpongeBob and company win at cartoons with more moments out of logic.

1 . Patrick Star cleans his house – which is a rock – with water, under water.

Patrick Star cleans his house
Via: Fandom

2 . They celebrate Christmas in the Stone Age, when Christ was not even born yet.

celebrate Christmas
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3 . They make decisions with Rock, paper or scissors, but they have no hands.

paper or scissors
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4 . Could anyone explain how Phineas put in his shirt every day?

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5 . Arthur listens to music without hearing aids in his ears.

Arthur listens to music
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6 . I swear that whistle was heard.

swear that whistle was heard
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7 . They wear masks to cover their faces as if they were not talking mutant turtles. I mean, their faces are what scares me the least.

wear masks to cover
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8 . Of course, who would not light a good fire under the water? How did not I think of it before?

good fire
Via: Spongebuddy Mania

9 . He drowns in a lake but was born under water; all right, all sane.

drowns in a lake
Via: YouTube

10 . Oh, no, and now what will we do with the empty pool, under the water?

empty pool
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11 . It is that with the eyes you hear much better.

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12 . Yes, attach the shackles, so you can never escape…. RIGHT?

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13 . I cannot sleep since I’ve seen this. The Smurfs are the size of a damn almond, only a fool would think of locking them in this.

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14 . Again Sandy Cheeks, she wants to be like the others, regardless of that lunar helmet.

Sandy Cheeks
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15 . The 3 little pigs in the story we know have hung a picture of their father on the wall of his house in a very peculiar presentation.

little pigs
Via: True Classics

16 . A 10 in physics for SpongeBob.

physics for SpongeBob
Via: Spongebuddy Mania

17 . It makes all the sense of the world: forget everything, to try that shoe on one foot of each women of the kingdom.

women of the kingdom.
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18 . Someone explain to me how he does it, if many with 5 fingers cannot do it

fingers cannot do
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19 . You find an abandoned cave and the first thing you do when you enter is to clean it and then sleep, of course!

abandoned cave
Via: Fanpop

20 . A sponge, washing dishes, with its hands.

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