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Drowning in Ryan Gosling’s Eyes: Ncuti Gatwa on ‘Barbie’ Set Experience and Collaborating with Greta Gerwig

Ncuti Gatwa 'Drowned' In Ryan Gosling's Blue Eyes On Barbie Set

Ever wondered what it’s like to face Ryan Gosling’s mesmerizing blue eyes up close? Ncuti Gatwa, the talented actor from “Sex Education,” took that plunge on the set of “Barbie.” As we delve into his experience, Gatwa also shares intriguing insights from working with the renowned director Greta Gerwig.

Ryan Gosling’s Hypnotic Eyes: Ncuti Gatwa’s ‘Barbie’ Set Experience

Ncuti Gatwa recently reminisced about his early days on the set of “Barbie.” He shared that he felt overwhelmed and barely spoke during his first month.

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“There was a time when I was talking to Greta [Gerwig] and I turned around and Ryan Gosling was looking at me, and his eyes were so blue that I just… fell over. I just drowned in his eyes.”

Ncuti Gatwa

However, as he settled in, Gatwa had a positive experience on the set directed by Greta Gerwig. He also praised the kindness and empathy he encountered, making it a memorable journey.

Ncuti Gatwa’s Memorable ‘Barbie’ Set Moments with Margot Robbie and ‘Magic Mike’

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Ncuti Gatwa shared heartwarming anecdotes from his time on the set of “Barbie.” He recalled a night when the film’s star, Margot Robbie, organized a thrilling outing to see Magic Mike live on stage. The cast danced to old-school garage tunes, enjoyed the incredible dancers of Magic Mike, and later partied at London’s famous nightclub, The Box.

Gatwa, known for his role in Sex Education, is preparing to take on the role of the Fifteenth Doctor in the upcoming season of Doctor Who.