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Amazon MGM Greenlights ‘Samaritan 2’: Sequel to 2022 Superhero Action-Drama

Streaming giant Amazon has begun the development of a sequel to 2022 action movie Samaritan, starring the one and only Sylvester Stallone. Bragi F. Schut, the screenwriter behind the first film, is also set to work on the sequel.

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What do we know about ‘Samaritan 2’?

Here is everything we know about Samaritan 2: Stallone will be returning both as a producer and as the star, and he is bringing his Balboa Productions partner Braden Aftergood along. Stallone had already signed on for the next installment prior to the actors’ strike. Schut wrote the first script as a spec script, which garnered the interests of multiple production houses before being set up at Balboa and MGM. Schut has been given the role of executive producer, alongside Adam Rosenberg.

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What was ‘Samaritan’ about?

The movie ‘Samaritan‘ directed by Julius Avery, follows the story of a young boy who is saved from a beating by a sanitation worker. The boy quickly begins to believe that this man is a long-lost superhero who disappeared after a climactic battle 20 years earlier. The movie was exclusively released on Prime Video on August 26, 2022, and had been immensely successful, becoming the No. 1 film on the service for three straight weeks, according to its creators, Amazon.

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