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Sara Putt Takes the Spotlight: BAFTA Announces New Chair for a Bright Future

Sara Putt Appointed As New BAFTA Chair

Exciting news comes from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) as they formally announce Sara Putt as their new chairperson. Putt takes over from Krishnendu Majumdar, whose successful three-year term has come to an end. Putt, well-known for her role as an agent, producer, and consultant in the film and TV industry, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position.

Having served as BAFTA’s deputy chair since 2021 and actively involved for over a decade, Putt brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new role. In addition to her BAFTA responsibilities, she sits on the advisory board of the British Film Commission and The Film & TV Charity, demonstrating her commitment to the industry.

Krishnendu Majumdar’s Tenure Ends: Sara Putt Assumes New BAFTA Chair

Sara Putt has taken the reins as the new chair of BAFTA, succeeding Krishnendu Majumdar, whose three-year term concluded at the annual general meeting held on Monday. Expressing deep honor, Putt acknowledged Majumdar’s leadership.

“I am deeply honored to succeed Krishnendu Majumdar as Chair of BAFTA. During his tenure, BAFTA has seen growth and transition. Krish led the groundbreaking 2020 review with integrity, drive and openness, and as a result BAFTA has evolved as an academy and arts charity”

Sara Putt

Looking ahead, Putt emphasized her commitment to listening to BAFTA’s membership, stakeholders, and beneficiaries. Drawing upon her experience as an agent, she aims to guide BAFTA’s work in a way that positively impacts the careers of those supported by the organization. Putt’s tenure as chair will span three years, with the appointment of a deputy to be made in due course.

Krishnendu Majumdar’s Impact: BAFTA’s Transformation Under His Leadership

In his final message to members, Krishnendu Majumdar expressed pride in the significant changes implemented during his tenure as BAFTA chair. These changes included the reopening of BAFTA’s London HQ, expanded membership, the establishment of BAFTA North America, and the appointment of a new CEO. Majumdar highlighted the comprehensive 2020 review as a pivotal moment, leading to 120 changes in awards campaigning, voting, and membership. He emphasized the shift towards proactive and progressive action to address diversity and underrepresentation, ensuring equal recognition based on merit.

With Putt assuming the chair, BAFTA enters an exciting new era, poised for growth, innovation, and positive change in the British film and television industry.