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“Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” Has A Trailer And It Will Give You Nightmares

Who is excited for this?

Because I know I am! While I didn’t read the books when I was a kid, I did have a go at them a few years back, and yes, I absolutely loved them. I never thought that it would get a movie, After all, nobody would want a movie on short stories, right?

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Well, that is where I was wrong. It turns out many people wanted a movie, and that is exactly what we’ve got.  While I am not a huge horror fan, there is just something about this book series that makes it compelling.

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So if you wanted the same thing as me, You’d be ecstatic to know that they have released a trailer for the movie. To be precise, four 15 seconds trailers for different stories. That’s not all! Even the poster is epic.

They certainly did the original artwork justice.

By the look of these trailers, this movie will make you want your mommy.

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So let’s start with the first teaser trailer, “The Big Toe.”

After that creepy ordeal, we got to see “The Jangly Man.”

We didn’t have to wait much longer to see the “Pale Lady” either.

Think that was it? Well, this is where you’re wrong because they saved the best for last “Red Spot.”

As you can imagine, people are quite excited peek this movie.

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I think that is exactly what it feels like.

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And that is what makes it so terrifyingly good.

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I can’t wait for it to come to theatres. 

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Are you just as excited as us to see to this movie? Or maybe you think the movie won’t do the original book series justice? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can take a look at the sneak peek too.