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Selena Gomez Spotted In Paris Attending Beyoncé’s Concert!

Selena Gomez Attending Beyoncé's Concert in Paris!

Selena Gomez, the much loved singer, was spotted in Paris attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour on Friday at the State de France in style! She was photographed mingling with fans and stopping for selfies after enjoying the concert. Gomez was rocking a leather trench coat and matching heels with a slicked back bun, topped with big gorgeous hoops. She was also photographed sporting the same outfit on Saturday night while going for dinner.

Movie business in Paris?

While Beyoncé’s concert was reason enough for Gomez to be in Paris, she had other business there as well. She is reportedly busy shooting her newest film ‘Emilia Perez’ with a French filmmaker. Selena has been more into acting recently, starring in the Hulu hit ‘Only Murders In The Building’. In an interview with Deadline she revealed that the show had been pitched to her leading to extreme excitement on her part due to her actual obsession with true crime stories.

“They pitched me the idea and it led into a whole conversation about my actual obsession with true crime. I had just come back from CrimeCon when I had the call and it just felt like it was something I really wanted to do. They were all so lovely. And working with Steve and Marty would be a dream.”

Selena Gomez about Only Murders In The Building

Selena’s tense conversation with security at the concert?

In a video posted online on TikTok, Selena was shown shouting at a security guard escorting her into the show. It’s unclear whether the guard was part of Selena’s team or working for the stadium. We are also unaware of the cause of this heated argument, but the poster on TikTok stated that Selena was upset at security for keeping her away from her fans. She is not the only star to have a skirmish with security recently – Taylor Swift shouted at a guard to stop touching one of her fans during her song “Bad Blood” in one of her Philadelphia concerts.

Selena Gomez remains as lovely as ever, her true dedication to her work and her fans always shining through. She has been spotted attending her ‘bestie’ Taylor Swifts concerts along with her sister Gracie too, claiming herself to be a swiftie at heart!