Tennis Superstar Serena Williams Gives Birth To Daughter, Welcomes Her Second Bundle Of Joy

Serena Williams, tennis superstar and wife to Alexis Ohanian, has now become a mother of two children with the birth of her second child, a daughter, on Tuesday! In an Instagram post Ohanian expressed joy, gratefulness and love for the newest addition to their family, and announced the baby’s name.

What did Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams say about their second child?

Source: Evan Agostini / AP

Alexis Ohanian, 40, announced the wonderful news on Instagram under some beautiful pictures of him, Serena, and their first daughter, Olympia. “Welcome, Adira River Ohanian,” He wrote, announcing the newborn’s name to the internet. “I’m grateful to report our house is teaming with love: a happy & healthy newborn girl and happy & healthy mama. Feeling grateful. Serena Williams you’ve now given me another incomparable gift — you’re the GMOAT. Thanks to all the amazing medical staff who took care of my wife & our daughter ???? I’ll never forget the moment I introduced Olympia Ohanian to her baby sister.” The post also included a verse from the Bible (Isaiah 48:18), “Your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.” The Reddit co-founder also previously talked about the exciting prospect of expanding their family:

Source: Alexis Ohanian / Instagram

 “We’re not first-time parents anymore. I feel more confident about having a newborn, all of those things that I just had zero confidence about with Olympia because I’d never even been around babies at that point in my life. We’re also obviously taking every precaution and doing everything we can to make sure everything goes smoothly for Serena.”

Alexis Ohanian
Source: Alexis Ohanian / Instagram

Simultaneously on TikTok, the pro tennis player posted a sweet short video in which she could be seen sitting with her family, followed by her brief departure and subsequent return with baby Adira in her arms. She proceeded to give the newborn a sweet kiss on the head and proclaimed, “Welcome, my beautiful angel,” expressing her gratitude and overwhelming joy at the new addition to her family.