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Farewell to a Legendary Actor: Sergio Calderón, Iconic ‘Head on a Stick’ from ‘Men in Black,’ Passes Away at 77

Sergio Calderón From 'Men In Black,' Passes Away at 77

Throughout his illustrious career, Sergio Calderón enthralled audiences with his extraordinary talent and unforgettable performances. From his classic role as the “Head on a Stick” in ‘Men in Black’ to his collaborations with renowned directors such as Sergio Leone and John Huston, Calderón’s path in the world of cinema was one of brilliance and artistic mastery.

The Mexican Actor Sergio Calderón departs

Sergio Calderón: The Endearing Mexican Talent of ‘The In-Laws,’ ‘Men in Black,’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3,’ Takes His Final Bow. With great sadness, we bid adieu to Sergio Calderón, the beloved actor who left an indelible impression on the silver screen.

At World’s End, Calderón showcased his exceptional talent and won the hearts of audiences worldwide. On Wednesday, this remarkable artist passed away at the age of 77 in a Los Angeles hospital, succumbing to natural causes.

The Remarkable Journey Of Sergio Calderón

From Tropical Village to Onscreen Brilliance, Sergio Calderón transitioned from a village to Mexico City, studying at the prestigious Instituto Andrés Soler. Making his onscreen debut in “The Bridge in the Jungle” (1970). Calderón’s career encompassed notable films like “The Revengers” (1972), “The Children of Sánchez” (1978), and “The Ruins” (2008), leaving a lasting impact.

He made memorable appearances as Malavida Valdése in the premiere episode of “The A-Team” (1983) and as El Cajón in the third season.

From portraying a Mexican revolutionary in Sergio Leone’s “Duck, You Sucker!” (1971) to a murderous Mexican police chief in John Huston’s “Under the Volcano” (1984), Sergio Calderón showcased his acting prowess across diverse roles.

Calderón’s notable performances also include his role as Alfonso in the comedy classic “The In-Laws” (1979) and as the iconic “head on a stick” in “Men in Black” (1997). Later, he portrayed the Spanish pirate lord Capt. Vallenueva in “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End” (2007).

With the passing of Sergio Calderón, the film industry mourns the loss of a versatile and talented actor. His contributions to the world of cinema will be cherished and remembered. May his legacy continue to inspire future generations of actors and film enthusiasts.