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Disney Must Answer These Serious Issues We All Have With ‘Tarzan’

I’m not saying Tarzan isn’t a good movie.

Quite the contrary I loved it. However no movie is without its faults as Cinemasins would put it. So today we are here to point out those faults so you’ll never be able to see it the same way again. Your welcome.

#1 Was Tarzan family a bunch of builders? No? How did they build that house again?

Tarzan family

#2 Where did they get all the stuff to build? Especially the furniture.

Especially the furniture

#3 Do gorillas wear loincloth?

#4 Last time I checked Tantor was an elephant? Why does Kerchak accept him?

#5 Why does no one talk to Sabor? Is there a rule that we don’t know about?

#6 Does Tarzan have Wolverine like healing powers?

#7 Why does a grown ass lady call her dad ‘daddy’?

#8 Kerchak was right. Tarzan shouldn’t have trusted humans after meeting only one.

#9 How are Tarzan’s feet not filled with callouses?

#10 Last time I checked Jane’s dad doesn’t have any upper body strength.

#11 Why does Jane even like Tarzan? To put it simply, he is an animal.

#12 Why is there no Tarzan inspired Disney ride?

Did you find any more faults in this movie? Or do you think we are pulling this out of our ass? Comment on below and let us know.